Tuesday, 6 November 2007

LOVEFiLM.COM Gifts - Now Live

The latest in the new LOVEFiLM.COM affiliate promotions is now live. Just in time for Christmas, LOVEFiLM Gifts is up and running and you can earn up to £16 for every gift you sell. All the banners are up on Tradeoubler under our LOVEFiLM program, in the special Lovefilm Gifts Ad Category. Commission is 10% of the basket value, a strong offer for a gift subscription service.

We've got LOVEFiLM all wrapped up! Give someone LOVEFiLM in our shiny new gift box. PLUS add the perfect accompaniment by selecting a movie book to go with your gift. Gangsters, horror, chick flicks - whatever they're in to, we've got the perfect movie guide. The best bit? All this is at no extra cost!

Packages SummaryAvailable in 4, 6 and 12 month packages
From 2 discs every month to Unlimited Discs every month
12 different packages
Prices from £19-£160

LOVEFiLM is great for all occasions and so far we’ve had people buying gifts for birthdays, retirements, Christmas and the upcoming Diwali celebrations. Check out all the options at www.lovefilm.com/gifts.This is a great offer to run on shopping and gifting sites, as well as along side all your normal LOVEFiLM banners.

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