Friday, 29 May 2009

LOVEFiLM - New TV campaign to boost affiliate conversion

From June 1st (Monday) LOVEFiLM will be increasing our TV advertising compared to previous months. It will be back up to the levels we saw in January.

So why am I telling you this? In January we saw an amazing month, maybe the best of all time for Affiliates and other online activity. We always see a good 10-15% uplift for affiliate channels during TV campaigns of this level, but results were even better due to the messaging and more offer focused attitude of the public. Why pay for a DVD or Sky subscription when you can try us out for free and then get better value?

This time we are across an even wider range of channels, including terrestrial on Channel 4. On Digital channels we are across all channels types - entertainment, sports, news, film, news and educational/documentary. I think by the end of the month you will be sick of us, but the new ad does have a catchy (and well suited) song you will be humming all the way to work. When I get a copy I will post it online.

So, in June we have new TV creative and we have also refreshed all the main flash banners to show more integration in style. We have already seen increased CTR and conversion levels from this creative in our display advertising.

When we are on TV it gives affiliates the chance to take the additional brand exposure and awareness and close the sale. This works great for all, especially cashback, loyalty and email affiliates. Tradedoubler has the flash banners but all of our networks have more email and gif versions.

Lets hope for a another great month.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Useful film lists for affiliates

I was gathering some information for something else and I thought affiliates might have a use for a few lists we have on our website. The lists below give you an idea for what the critics and our members rate as the best films of all time, as well as the current films with the most buzz (no surprise it is Slumdog Squarepants that people are most requesting right now)

The most popular films this this month

The BFI Top 100

The Top Rated Films - by our members

Cool non LOVEFiLM affiliate things I found this month
Getting big in the states, run via Linkshare. Take the old lemonade stand and put it on your blog or facebook page, get paid when friends buy your recommendations

Referral site Freebie Jeebies takes it to another level and gives away £5k or a car to a lucky member

Prezzy Box
Prezzy Box shows you the potential points you can make if a member of on every product. Great way to promote the loyalty partnership

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

New banner creative - great flash versions

The newest LOVEFiLM creative is now ready for use by affiliates. While we have updated the basic gif banners I would suggest the flash versions are much more interesting and worth using:

We have been using these newer banners for our online display advertising and in some cases doubled CTR and CTS. We will also be updating the new images used every couple of weeks to make sure we always showcase the hottest new releases.

These can all be found in the main creative category 'LOVEFiLM DVD Rental' on the Tradedoubler/LOVEFiLM pages.

A 2nd A4U award nomination

Well I went off on a long weekend break and missed the final A4U nomination annoucements, and missed our 2nd nomination. I only found out about this on Saturday on the e-consultancy/LOVEFiLM Google alerts.

Retail (merchant)

• Argos
• JD Williams
• Red Letter Days

So we are up against Argos in both categories, which could make for a fun rivalry. All the entries are strong though, and Prezzy Box is a fun gift site with a great ipoints partnership.

We are nominated for the way we have used radio, viral and traditional affiliate channels to grow our rental offering hugely year on year, as well as promoting PAYG, gifts and The LOVEFiLM Shop.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Nominated for an A4U award

Great news for LOVEFiLM and the team at Tradedoubler - we have been nominated for an A4U Award - the most important awards there can be for affiliate marketing in the UK.

Best Use of Affiliate Marketing as Part of an Integrated Campaign:
Argos, Elemis, LoveFilm, and SKY.

This award relates to the work we have done with affiliate marketing in non-traditional affiliate marketing channels, so it is great to see it recognised.

Full list here, well done to everyone who was nominated and don't forget to vote in the community awards. Special well done to my old friends at Books Direct who are up for Innovation Merchant of the Year.
Full Shortlist

Friday, 15 May 2009

LOVEFiLM Superhero Shooter

LOVEFiLM are now opening up our viral game for use by all of our affiliates. LOVEFiLM Superhero Shooter is a fun and fast paced game where you have to shoot the bad guys while avoiding the good guys, throwing DVDs and games at the targets. The whole time you are learning about LOVEFiLM.

We have been promoting this game with Tradedoubler for the past 6 months in a closed group but are now offering to all affiliates.

How to use the game:
The game should not replace existing links and content - this is something extra.
Promote the game on websites about flash games, action films and general ways to enjoy a 5 minute break from work.
The game can be found within our creative assets, and when you place the game on your site your links will track anyone who signs up after playing.
This is pretty much the same as using a flash banner, only much more fun.
The game offer offers a 30 day trial and the chance to win a free membership and £250 to spend at The LOVEFiLm Shop.

Below are some screenshots of the game within the Tradedoubler interface.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

CPA model - E-consultancy Article

The guys at Econsultancy have posted a new blog entry about CPA deals, which is worth a read:

Can you make more money by adding CPA to your revenue mix?

Its a nice angle and instead of just talking about affiliates and cashback ir looks at guys like TrialPay and the use of CPA deals to fund purchases. I can see this growing as a model in the coming year as the market changes - TrialPay have been quite a success for us with constant growth.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Special LOVEFiLM offers with £5/10 retail vouchers

At LOVEFiLM we have set up a couple of special offers for affiliates to promote via banners and email creative.

30 day FREE trial of rentals and a £5 voucher for The LOVEFiLM Shop

30 day FREE trial of rentals and a £10 voucher for The LOVEFiLM Shop

These are not available to all affiliates so please contact myself or your account manager at Tradedoubler, Affiliate Future or BuyAt if you would like to run the offer.

These special offers do not follow our standard £7-£17 commissions. For the these offers we pay £5-8 depending on activity involved.