Tuesday, 22 February 2011

See an award winning Colin Firth film for free

From time to time I like to highlight films that affiliates could focus creative on that would help improve sales and highlight the great free streaming films we have on offer. Below are some films that recently either won an Oscar or were heavily nominated for Oscars and Bafta's.

A Single Man - see Colin Firth in the role that won him a Bafta, looks like The King's Speech will also get him a Bafta and Oscar this year

Precious - If there was a gold statuette for wall-to-wall compassion, 'Precious' would wipe the floor with its rivals

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Based on the trilogy of books by Stieg Larsson, to be followed by 'THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE'and 'THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNETS NEST'.

The LOVEFiLM Shop - closing this part of our programme

The LOVEFiLM shop will cease trading on 11th March (this is a provisional date and may change slightly). We can only apologise for the short notice to affiliates of this change. The reason is that, as you may have seen, Amazon has now acquired LOVEFiLM and we are now part of the Amazon group.

Please be assured that this has no impact on the core LOVEFiLM rental offering – we are not moving or changing our Rental, PAYG or Gifting products. They will continue to be offered by Affiliate Window and continue their growth in 2011 as we expand into more ways for our members to enjoy our service and watch films on DVD, Blu-ray and online.

All outstanding cookies and orders placed before the shop shut down will be honoured and validated as normal. This change only relates to retail affiliates and commissions. Commission rates will also remain unchanged for the duration of this period.

We would recommend to remove shop/retail messaging and links from affiliate sites over the next week and focus on the rental product.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

LOVEFiLM PPC guidelines update - zero tolerance policy

Affiliates are not allowed to send traffic directly to our website

Affiliates are not allowed to use our brand name in their display URL

Affiliates are not allowed to use our brand within their title or description

Affiliates should add our brand name to their negative keyword list

Affiliates are not allowed to display their ads when our brand name or variations of our brand name are entered as search keywords (e.g. love film, lovefilms)

Affiliates are not allowed to display their ads when misspellings of our brand name are entered as search keywords (e.g. loveflim)

Affiliates are not allowed to display their ads when our brand name and another word are entered as search keywords? (e.g. LOVEFiLM coupon, LOVEFiLM deals)

You must send PPC traffic to your own site and then to us, making it clear you are not an official LOVEFiLM website.

You must use a url that is clearly not LOVEFiLM – variations such as www.lovefilmoffers.org and www.lovefilmdeals.net are not permitted.

LOVEFiLM manages PPC with our agency M2M to cover all brand terms. We only allow approved affiliates to bid around our brand terms, these are affiliates with express permission. Any other affiliate bidding on our brand or linking direct to our website will be removed from the programme and have commission withheld. Due to repeated violations we operate a zero tolerance policy.