Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The LOVEFiLM Shop - closing this part of our programme

The LOVEFiLM shop will cease trading on 11th March (this is a provisional date and may change slightly). We can only apologise for the short notice to affiliates of this change. The reason is that, as you may have seen, Amazon has now acquired LOVEFiLM and we are now part of the Amazon group.

Please be assured that this has no impact on the core LOVEFiLM rental offering – we are not moving or changing our Rental, PAYG or Gifting products. They will continue to be offered by Affiliate Window and continue their growth in 2011 as we expand into more ways for our members to enjoy our service and watch films on DVD, Blu-ray and online.

All outstanding cookies and orders placed before the shop shut down will be honoured and validated as normal. This change only relates to retail affiliates and commissions. Commission rates will also remain unchanged for the duration of this period.

We would recommend to remove shop/retail messaging and links from affiliate sites over the next week and focus on the rental product.

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