Monday, 30 November 2009

100 films that defined a decade

I thought our affiliates might like to be involved in our biggest ever poll - the 100 films that defined a decade. It is a fun poll and also a source of information for any content you may be planning.

It's not always the very best films that have the biggest impact on their time, as you'll see from this list. So please don't hate us if some of your favourites are missing - we had to make some sacrifices ourselves.

What worries me the most is Moulin Rouge beating Shaun of the Dead, The Dark Knight and The Departed at the moment.

Friday, 27 November 2009

All networks closed for Affiliate Window move

Now that we have migrated all of our affiliate network activity to Affiliate Window our programs with Tradedoubler, and Affiliate Future are officially closed.

I hope everyone updated their links - if you have any questions contact Jo Halstead here and she can help with any ideas for promotions or help moving over. Everyone I speak to seems to love Affiliate Window for their tracking and tools for affiliates, so I hope everyone benefits going forward.

LOVEFiLM Wins Company 'Oscars'

The office is a bit quiet today with the exec team no doubt having a rest after an eventful night, as LOVEFiLM picked up company of the year at the Fast Growing Business Awards.

Dragons Den star Theo Paphitis and Phones 4U founder John Caudwell were among the judges that praised us for being one fo the engines of recovery during the recession of the past year.

Accepting the award, chief executive Simon Calver said the award honoured his 470-strong workforce's "passion" for growth, the business and the customers.

Amazingly this is the 1st big award we have won this year after being nominated for the Fast Growth Awards, the Red Herring Awards and the A4U awards, where we were highly commended for Best Use of Affiliate Marketing As Part of an Integrated Campaign.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Virtual Goods Summit

If I had an unlimited expense account I would have been at the Virtual Goods Summit in San Francisco where things also got a bit heated in regards to social network games. The debate about the types of offers on purchases and games promoted via TrialPay, OfferPal and Zynga etc opened up the issue of what products and services are ethical. Video found on articles on Tech Crunch over the weekend.

While I am not endorsing anything dodgy around mobile phone subscriptions I can say that the traffic we get from this area is not concerning me at the moment. Just like with all the cash back and ipod giveaway sites we monitor the traffic and conversion from trial to paying, and it seems Netflix and others do the same in the states.

While the UK is still obsessed with voucher sites it seems we are some way from fully understanding virtual goods and alternative currency, maybe in 6 months we will be having the same debates here.