Monday, 2 November 2009

Virtual Goods Summit

If I had an unlimited expense account I would have been at the Virtual Goods Summit in San Francisco where things also got a bit heated in regards to social network games. The debate about the types of offers on purchases and games promoted via TrialPay, OfferPal and Zynga etc opened up the issue of what products and services are ethical. Video found on articles on Tech Crunch over the weekend.

While I am not endorsing anything dodgy around mobile phone subscriptions I can say that the traffic we get from this area is not concerning me at the moment. Just like with all the cash back and ipod giveaway sites we monitor the traffic and conversion from trial to paying, and it seems Netflix and others do the same in the states.

While the UK is still obsessed with voucher sites it seems we are some way from fully understanding virtual goods and alternative currency, maybe in 6 months we will be having the same debates here.

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