Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Ad-tech summary

Ad-tech London has been and gone and as always a lot of presentations occurred over the 2 days looking at the online industry and the future developments. Angela Natividad was the resident Tweeter over the 2 days and has a helpful summary of all the main talking points available at imedia connection with a focus on the social media aspect.

Some of these points include:
Twitter has yet to demonstrate its value, either qualitative or quantitative, to the brands that use it
Women will be driving most of the technological change. We're entering what Chris Sanderson (The Future Laboratory) calls 'the female century’
The transparency of social media mean brands must work extra hard to be loved
People aren't 100 per cent digital -- a lot of our lives are still spent at bus stops, in waiting rooms or out in parks, tossing balls. Consider where digital fits into the lives of your users, then move forward from there

I attended the show and maybe it is the result of doing so for the past 5 years but it seemed like the show was stuck in a rut in terms of companies selling a product from the stands. No one I spoke to was offering something drastically new, with the talk about evolving online advertising to be more targeted and still a lot of people working to a CPM business model. It would seem the fact that display spend fell greatly at the end of last year has not pushed everyone to the CPA model that affiliates are excelling at.

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