Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Working in other European countries & Affiliate Opinions

I am interested in knowing how many of the affiliates on the forum also promote sites and services in Europe. LOVEFiLM also has services in Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and I would be keen to refer you to our online managers in each country. It would be great to see how you differ your sites by country - do you change much other than the language?

The LOVEFiLM affiliate model varies slightly by country in terms of program structure but the offer is the same - Free trial and CPA payouts.

While on the subject - what does everyone think of affiliate marketing in different European countries? I know the markets vary in size by quite a bit and can be affected by currency, postal services and attitude to online buying. Has anyone seen results differ greatly by country?

Thanks in advance.

Monday, 23 February 2009

The Affiliate Census - the value affiliates can/want to add

In The UK Affiliate Census 2009, Affiliates ranked a range of affiliate methods by how much revenue they generate:
True content (SEO) (36%)
PPC (20%)
Price comparison (11%)
Blogs and forums (8%)
Email marketing (5%)
Voucher codes (5%)
Cash-back and reward (5%)
Shopping directories (4%)
Social networking (3%)
Corporate intranet (2%)

My impressions of this - I was amazed that so many affiliates have a focus on content and building their sites naturally. The industry gets a bad rap at times for just being voucher and incentive based, and most affiliates are looking to educate and add value.

It was also really encouraging to see this data just before we held a 'LOVEFiLM and Affiliates - Widgets and APIs' meeting at Tradedoubler Towers a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks to all that attended, I shall be working on the feedback with the team here to see what the next steps will be. It was great to see a group of affiliates passionate about taking what merchants would give them to improve their SEO rankings, while anyone from a comparison site to a new technology affiliate can use the same information. If we are able to open up our data as much as you all requested I think we could see some amazing new ideas in the next 12 months.

Monday, 2 February 2009

The 3 step Simple guide to LOVEFiLM - in technicolour 3D HD

Here's an example of content I want to start offering more often to affiliates:

The 3 step Simple guide to LOVEFiLM

This page is a video guide to our service that should answer any questions people would have that prevent them from signing up, covered in 69 seconds. The page also includes a trackable sign up button.

Let me know if you could use it, or any other LOVEFiLM content on your site or linked to. We are sitting here waiting for your ideas.