Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Working in other European countries & Affiliate Opinions

I am interested in knowing how many of the affiliates on the forum also promote sites and services in Europe. LOVEFiLM also has services in Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and I would be keen to refer you to our online managers in each country. It would be great to see how you differ your sites by country - do you change much other than the language?

The LOVEFiLM affiliate model varies slightly by country in terms of program structure but the offer is the same - Free trial and CPA payouts.

While on the subject - what does everyone think of affiliate marketing in different European countries? I know the markets vary in size by quite a bit and can be affected by currency, postal services and attitude to online buying. Has anyone seen results differ greatly by country?

Thanks in advance.

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Affiliate4Travel.co.uk said...

Hi Jason,

A friend of mine from Denmark has started awesomemovies.net and gets visitors from UK and Scandinavia. Don't suppose there is a way to get one link that would redirect to the appropriate country for the visitor is there ?


Rob Barham