Monday, 2 February 2009

The 3 step Simple guide to LOVEFiLM - in technicolour 3D HD

Here's an example of content I want to start offering more often to affiliates:

The 3 step Simple guide to LOVEFiLM

This page is a video guide to our service that should answer any questions people would have that prevent them from signing up, covered in 69 seconds. The page also includes a trackable sign up button.

Let me know if you could use it, or any other LOVEFiLM content on your site or linked to. We are sitting here waiting for your ideas.


unclewilco said...

how can we embed that video? with affiliate tracking?

Jasonorris said...

Yes of course - I'll email you back how we can do this but it will be a text link on Tradedoubler