Friday, 29 May 2009

LOVEFiLM - New TV campaign to boost affiliate conversion

From June 1st (Monday) LOVEFiLM will be increasing our TV advertising compared to previous months. It will be back up to the levels we saw in January.

So why am I telling you this? In January we saw an amazing month, maybe the best of all time for Affiliates and other online activity. We always see a good 10-15% uplift for affiliate channels during TV campaigns of this level, but results were even better due to the messaging and more offer focused attitude of the public. Why pay for a DVD or Sky subscription when you can try us out for free and then get better value?

This time we are across an even wider range of channels, including terrestrial on Channel 4. On Digital channels we are across all channels types - entertainment, sports, news, film, news and educational/documentary. I think by the end of the month you will be sick of us, but the new ad does have a catchy (and well suited) song you will be humming all the way to work. When I get a copy I will post it online.

So, in June we have new TV creative and we have also refreshed all the main flash banners to show more integration in style. We have already seen increased CTR and conversion levels from this creative in our display advertising.

When we are on TV it gives affiliates the chance to take the additional brand exposure and awareness and close the sale. This works great for all, especially cashback, loyalty and email affiliates. Tradedoubler has the flash banners but all of our networks have more email and gif versions.

Lets hope for a another great month.

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