Friday, 15 May 2009

LOVEFiLM Superhero Shooter

LOVEFiLM are now opening up our viral game for use by all of our affiliates. LOVEFiLM Superhero Shooter is a fun and fast paced game where you have to shoot the bad guys while avoiding the good guys, throwing DVDs and games at the targets. The whole time you are learning about LOVEFiLM.

We have been promoting this game with Tradedoubler for the past 6 months in a closed group but are now offering to all affiliates.

How to use the game:
The game should not replace existing links and content - this is something extra.
Promote the game on websites about flash games, action films and general ways to enjoy a 5 minute break from work.
The game can be found within our creative assets, and when you place the game on your site your links will track anyone who signs up after playing.
This is pretty much the same as using a flash banner, only much more fun.
The game offer offers a 30 day trial and the chance to win a free membership and £250 to spend at The LOVEFiLm Shop.

Below are some screenshots of the game within the Tradedoubler interface.

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unclewilco said...

is there a smaller version? to fit most blogs?