Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Affiliate Success from TV Advertising

You may have noticed on the TV again this month. Standard stuff for us, ads on Sky Sports, Uk Gold, E4 etc. What some affiliate may not know is that whenever we advertise on TV we see on increase in conversions and people signing up for a trial on affiliate websites. I know from speaking to some affiliates there is a concern that TV advertising takes away from affiliate activity and commission, but we are proving it is not the case.

Every time last year we have been promoting the service on TV we have seen affiliates close the sale and benefit from increased brand awareness. We have a lot more TV advertising planned for this year as well as some new offers and online activity, so I hope our affiliates continue to support us.

Also, are you interested in how we see our service and ideas to maximise potential from running our banners/offers? Feel free to get in touch.


getvisible said...

Affliates think TV advertising harms them? What are they mad?

Increasing brand awareness will help affiliates as people may not search on the domain name itself, but the brand +generics and the industry itself.

It will also increase convesion rates!

Jasonorris said...

Thanks for the comment. I agree it is an odd way to look at the affect of TV but its the same with our direct mail and radio ads - concern of taking a potential sale away. Luckily its not everyone, but its feedback I have had.