Thursday, 14 February 2008

Lovefilm Banner Creative - shedloads of it for affiliates to use

We've been busy adding all the possible banner creative we can for our affiliates to use on Tradedoubler. Here's a quick breakdown of our creative offerings so you can see what might work best for you. This creative is clearly broken down on our Tradedoubler program into ad categories so you will be able to find it easily.

Lovefilm DVD Rental
Good old 14 day trial creative - telling your site's audience about the main benefits of our service, the free trial, the range, the warm fuzzy feeling Lovefilm gives. Also we have some new flash banners that are very smart and feature a bunch of clips.

Lovefilm Games Rental
Similar to the above but with a focus on games. Did you know we have PS3, Wii and Xbox games to rent? Watch this space for some new additions as well, and these work great if you have a gaming audience. Also Lovefilm Gaming has its own landing page.

DVD Rental - Special Offers
You can check here for anything new and special. Currently we have some new creative promoting the offer of 2 months for the price of 1. This means if you want to offer something different to the standard 14 day trial this might float your boat.

Does your site promote the wonders of Indian Cinema? Then this range is for you, linking to a special Bollywood themed page. This range promotes the 14 day trial.

For Him
Our attention grabbing range inspired by an old classic about a killer shark. The boys should love them. This range promotes the 14 day trial.

For Her
A softer approach but still set at sea, this range is inspired by a famous love story set on a boat that is attacked by a cruel iceberg. This range promotes the 14 day trial.

Lovefilm PAYG
The alternative Lovefilm offer of Pay As You Go. Think your audience is not interested in a trial or has a limited demand for rentals? If they just want to pay for what they rent then Lovefilm PAYG is a great option. Rental credits can work out as low as £1.76 each while getting all the benefits of being a member of our site.

Lovefilm Gifts
Do you promote gifts and special presents? Lovefilm Gifts allows someone to send a special book and membership combo in our lovely presentation box.

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