Thursday, 8 May 2008

New Gaming Package and Creative

Lovefilm have just launched a new package that focuses on gaming at our lowest price ever.

For £9.99 a month members can rent 4 games and have 2 at home at any time. We think this is better than any other option from other rental companies. We are now also stocking Nintendo DS titles alongside Wii, Xbox, PS2 and PS3 so this offer is great for affiliates that promote gaming. We had GTA 4 stock on day of release for our members to rent.

Also to promote the new package we are promoting an extended 1 mont trial on Tradedoubler. Banners in our gaming rental section in sizes 728x90, 468x60 and 120x600 will be promoting this special offer.

We continue to offer our normal commissions of £10-£17.50 depenign on your volume every month.

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