Wednesday, 13 January 2010

LOVEFiLM in your TV

Those of you paying attention will have seen the news coming out of the CES show in Las Vegas regarding LOVEFiLM in your TV, and may have wondered what this means for our affiliate offer.

It is too early to go into details about this development but affiliates should be aware of how much extra exposure this bring to the products they are promoting while more information will be releases in coming months. The service will enable people that sign up online via your sites to our free trial to also access and watch films on their television, opening up choice and running alongside the DVDs and games they rent.

The CES show generated a lot of press coverage for these announcements here if you want to learn more:

Meanwhile the video on demand service continues to grow on our website and we have an exclusive movie for our unlimited members. Mesrine is an award winning set of movies starring Vincent Cassel and you can only see this on our website 2 weeks before the national release. These 2 films cover the life of the the famous criminal and we are also giving away prizes to celebrate the release.

I would recommend checking this out to see how far we have developed our VOD service, and it is also an additional selling point about our service.

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