Tuesday, 6 July 2010

PPC Policy Update - site links

LOVEFiLM has updated our PPC policy due to the growth in Google site links:
It is not permitted to have LOVEFiLM mentioned in any site links you may have appearing alongside your Adwords adverts. Generic site links are permitted however.

Please be aware of this and ensure you follow the new guidelines, all information can be found at on our merchant page over at Affiliate Window

Are affiliates starting to exploit site links more now as I have seen a growth in the general use in recent months. I wonder if other merchants are fully aware of the new way to optimise PPC conversion via affiliates or in-house PPC.

Any feedback from anyone else on this?


Search Engenie said...

I was under the impression that sitelinks were generated automatically based on the content of the target page. Looks like I might have to look into this further so as not to step on anyones toes. Thanks for the heads up.

Nadeem - Azam Marketing said...

I think that's a wise move Jason to nip this in the bud. I haven't seen many other advertisers set up terms to clamp down on this.

Jasonorris said...

I was not referring to SEO based sitelinks, I mean those created for PPC activity and appearing as part of the paid advert.