Monday, 27 September 2010

Online Film of the Week - Ocean's Thirteen

This week the highlight of our FREE online film selection is the star packed Ocean's Thirteen

After their old chum Reuben Tischkoff (Gould) is double-crossed in a business deal and hospitalized, Danny Ocean (Clooney) reconvenes his charming gang of thieves and heads to Las Vegas to gain revenge on the man who put Ruben at death’s door: shark-like hotelier, Willy Bank (Pacino). Their plan is simple: break the Bank by destroying his new multi-billion dollar hotel. However, it won’t be that easy.

This film is free to watch for all of our members including anyone on a free trial. Other great films currently on offer include Batman Begins, Unforgiven and Alexander.

Please update any copy on your sites and email/newsletters to reflect the great new LOVEFiLM - not only can you watch on DVD and Blu-ray but you can watch loads of great films for FREE online.

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