Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Lovefilm Shop - 1 year old

Just a quick post to celebrate that the Lovefilm Retail program will have been open for 1 year at the end of September. Its been a great addition to the Lovefilm family and interesting to see a pure retail offering alongside the monthly service, gifts and pay as you go.

Thanks to anyone who has used our product feed or our banners to promote the shop - and don't forget it is cross tracked on the main Lovefilm program as well.

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Azam.info said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary.

I spoke to your colleague at the AF event and was asking her about whether Lovefilm could provide a feed of (a) top ten or twenty DVD rentals and (b) top ten or twenty DVD sales for affiliates, updated dynamically from your end. Other affiliate programs do this and I have been asking for it for years.

I spent over an hour of my time discussing this with the previous Lovefilm affiliate manager. If you are able to provide these, kindly email nadeem [at] azam.net with details of how we can pick up the charts through TD.

Cheers :)