Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The New LOVEFiLM Logo

For those of you that have worked with LOVEFiLM for several years you may have seen quite a few versions of our logo as we have grown, merged and evolved into our current position as the place to find the films you want. Below is the official logo that has been updated.
Every time the LOVEFiLM logo appears the following legal notice should also appear on the same page:

LOVEFiLM, the LOVEFiLM logo and all other LOVEFiLM product or service names are trademarks of LOVEFiLM International Ltd. © 2008 LOVEFiLM UK Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

This can appear with the Ts and Cs or in suitable placements.


max said...

Does this also apply to none affiliates using the above logo to link to freebiejeebies offer page ( who are affiliated )

T&c @lovefilm copyright section states no material may be used or altered

I tried contacting lovefilm marketing team but with no reply

If this is disallowed could you Forward me to a way how to make this possible without the risk of legal action being taken against me

Thank you

Jasonorris said...

As long as you to not make amends to the logo you are fine to use it.