Monday, 23 March 2009

Gaming Top 10: Ultra-Violence

The top rental requests for games at LOVEFiLM this week are:
  1. Resident Evil 5 (Xbox)
  2. Tom Clancy's HAWX (Xbox)
  3. Resident Evil 5 (PS3)
  4. Street Fighter IV (Xbox)
  5. Tom Clancy's HAWX (PS3)
  6. Halo Wars (Xbox)
  7. Street Fighter IV (PS3)
  8. Call of Duty: World at War (Xbox 360)
  9. Killzone 2 (PS3)
  10. Left 4 Dead (Xbox)

The 1st week in a long time we have had no Wii titles in the top 10, the nearest being Mario Kart at 13.

Odd to see so many big titles being released when we are nowhere near Christmas, such as Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Halo Wars. Every title is also about war, fights and violence so maybe that is just not Christmas material.

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