Thursday, 5 March 2009

LOVEFiLM Affiliate Activity - lets make some plans

I'll be asking some of you guys directly but I am putting out a general request as well. I am eager to agree some interesting CPA based activity through April-July so please send me your ideas.

I want to know what affiliates want to do with LOVEFiLM on loyalty, email, viral and anything else. If you get in touch now we can make sure we have everything set up and ready to roll around your plans as well. I would like to see LOVEFiLM integrated into any special promotion you might be planning.

Reviewing the previous years we have had some great success with different affiliates such as:
Ipoints Indy Jones competition
Quidco's Savvy Tips supporting TV coverage
The 1st Viral game on affiliate model with Tamba
Halloween Horror Downloads promotion
ChooseDVDrental reporting all the news and developments

It would be great to agree to similar activity in the upcoming months.

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