Friday, 20 March 2009

LOVEFiLM - not award winners shock!

Well it had to happen eventually - after an amazing run of winning awards whenever nominated we did not win at the Fast Growth Business Awards.

Seatwave won our category for Online Business of the Year, and they also picked up Angel or VC-backed Business of the Year and made the final 4 for the T-Mobile Company of the Year. If you are going to lose it is nice to lose to a company that had such recognition, similar to ourselves last year. The overall company of the year winner was King Of Shaves.

Seatwave also have an affiliate program, which is run on Affiliate Window, BuyAt and Zanox. Well done to them for their success.

All the winners cna be seen at

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Will King, Founder, King of Shaves said...

hi, will king ceo of king of shaves here - drop me an email via if there's any sort of joint promotion we could do with you, tim wright heads up my shmarketing (shave sales & marketing) wishes, will