Thursday, 5 March 2009

LOVEFiLM Payout Structure + Affiliate Groups

LOVEFiLM is adjusting its payout structure as we look to bring all program structures and promotions in line. This consolidation will also allow us to move onto the next stage of our affiliate marketing with greater understanding of the ROI and value of special promotions.

We are also looking at ways to integrate affiliates using APIs, Widgets, Content, Email and Mobile during these changes so please get in touch if you have a focus on these areas. I am hoping that we are developing our program in the right way so we can look at the different classifications of affiliates so we will be able to reward hard work and judge each on a more fair and consistent basis.

Please note this will be active from Sunday 8th March at 11.59PM and will be across all of the affiliate networks we work with.

NEW set up
Lead 0-49 @ £7.50
Lead 50-99 @ £10
Lead 100-199 @ £13
Lead 200-500 @ £14
Lead 501+ @ £15
Lead 749+ @ £17

Feel free to contact the guys at the networks or myself if you have any questions.

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