Thursday, 12 March 2009

Resident Evil 5 - Zombie fun at LOVEFiLM

The long awaited Resident Evil 5 is coming out tomorrow on PS3 and Xbox - I think a lot of people are very excited about this one and it looks amazing.

LOVEFiLM has stock for both consoles ready for rental - affiliate commission is £7.50-£17 on a 14 day FREE trial

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And we also have it ready to buy from the LOVEFiLM Shop for £33.93 - affiliate commission is 5%

Also right now we have a special promotion code for an extra 5% off for customers - the promotional code is SPRING and that brings the cost to £32.24

LOVEFiLM Shop: Found 26 results for "Resident Evil 5"

In related news Capcom have promoted the game by a leaving behind a trail of body parts from zombie victims around Trafalgar Square. This could go badly wrong and we could see London Tonight reporting on body parts scattered around London, but it sounds fun.

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